Project Cargo

Project Cargo

The logistics industry is increasingly growing and diversifying, in which project cargo is a particularly important and challenging field. Project goods are goods with large size, heavy volume and high complexity, often used in construction projects, industry, energy and other fields.

Transporting bulky, complex goods requires expertise, meticulous planning and sufficient resources to ensure pre-planning, transportation, on-time delivery and installation at the final destination. took place smoothly and in coordination.

When shipping project goods, there are several important factors to consider to ensure the shipping process is smooth and successful.

  • Inspection and evaluation: First, accurate inspection and evaluation of the size, weight and nature of the project goods is necessary. This helps determine the appropriate type of transport and optimal packaging method.
  • Choosing means of transportation: Project goods often have to use special means of transportation such as specialized containers, large cargo ships, high-tonnage trucks and other specialized equipment. Choosing the right means of transport is important to ensure goods are delivered to their destination safely and efficiently.
  • Packing and loading goods: Packaging project goods requires certainty and safety. It needs to be done carefully to avoid damage and problems during transportation. Loading and unloading of goods is also a complex process, requiring professionalism and the use of supporting equipment.
  • Documentation and legality: Transporting project goods often involves legal regulations and complex import/export paperwork. Ensuring complete and accurate paperwork and legal documents is important to avoid legal risks and delays during the transportation process.

Hàng dự án thường có kích thước lớn và cồng kềnh

Project goods are often large and bulky

Transporting project goods is not simple and requires professionalism and experience from logistics businesses.

Below are some challenges that the logistics industry faces when transporting project goods:

  • Limited means of transportation: Project goods are often large in size and heavy in weight, not suitable for conventional means of transportation. Finding the right transportation can be a big challenge.
  • Terrain and infrastructure conditions: Transporting project cargo may require overcoming difficult terrain and incomplete infrastructure. This requires flexible transportation planning and a willingness to face obstacles.
  • Time and schedule: Projects often have tight time requirements and specific schedules. Implementing on-time shipping will be a challenge for the logistics industry. Careful preparation and strict planning are necessary to ensure project goods are delivered to their destination on time and within deadline.
  • Risk management: Transporting project goods can face many risks such as damage, loss or delay. Risk management is a key element in ensuring goods are protected and arrive safely.
  • High cost: Transporting project goods often requires large investments in special transportation vehicles and professional packing and loading processes. This results in higher shipping costs compared to conventional goods.
  • Compatibility and collaboration: Project cargo transportation requires compatibility and collaboration among many stakeholders, including manufacturers, logistics businesses, regulators and other relevant partners. A lack of collaboration can increase the time and cost of the shipping process.
  • Distribution to hard-to-reach locations: Project goods often need to be delivered to remote, hard-to-reach locations such as rural areas, construction facilities or mountainous areas. Delivering to these locations requires skill and experience in overcoming infrastructure and terrain obstacles.

Bạn cần một đơn vị chuyên nghiệp để giải quyết hàng dự án nhanh chóng đến công trình

You need a professional unit to handle project goods quickly to

the construction site

But don't worry too much, at Tu Mai Logistics, we approach each project shipment separately and combine our solution services to coordinate and provide project solutions to effectively solve problems. challenges and obstacles from origin to destination, while ensuring maximum time management and quality throughout.

Tu Mai Logistics' project freight solutions are backed by our over a decade of experience and the success of our growing list of over 500 completed projects in the construction sector. construction, automobile, oil and gas, electricity & energy.

Service includes:

  • Multimodal transportation
  • Unique equipment transportation
  • Full & Partial Charter
  • Assembly/Disassembly, Packaging/Repackaging
  • Containerization
  • Supervise loading, waste and transit
  • Delivery and installation
  • Customs procedures
  • Document Management

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