About Vietnam

About Vietnam

Logistics plays an extremely important role in Vietnam's economic growth. This is an area that has a great influence on the performance of industries and contributes positively to improving business efficiency, reducing costs and enhancing the competitiveness of businesses.

  • Supporting international trade: Logistics plays an important role in importing and exporting goods and promoting Vietnam's international trade. Modern and optimal logistics infrastructure helps goods move quickly and safely from Vietnam to international markets and vice versa. This creates a favorable business environment, opens up export and import opportunities, and helps promote the country's economic development.

  • Reduce transportation and storage costs: Logistics contributes significantly to reducing transportation and storage costs of goods. Thanks to optimized processes and the use of efficient means of transportation, businesses can save a lot of costs, thereby creating conditions to keep competitive prices for their goods and services. This helps promote consumption and enhance the competitiveness of Vietnamese products in the international market.

  • Improve supply chain efficiency: Logistics helps improve the efficiency and flexibility of the supply chain, from managing and transporting goods from source to consumption destination. Optimizing steps in the supply chain helps reduce time and costs, while improving service and meeting increasing customer demands. This helps businesses increase production efficiency, save resources and enhance the ability to respond quickly to changing market requirements.

  • Supporting domestic industry development: Logistics is an important pillar of most industries, from agriculture, manufacturing to services. An effective and professional logistics system helps businesses improve their competitiveness, boost exports and maintain the domestic market. At the same time, investing and developing logistics infrastructure creates job opportunities and positively contributes to Vietnam's economic and social development.

  • Convenience for e-commerce services: With the explosion of e-commerce, logistics plays an extremely important role in supporting online shopping and delivery activities. A professional logistics system helps ensure fast, accurate and reliable deliveries, creating customer satisfaction and promoting e-commerce industry growth.

Vietnam has seen explosive economic growth over the past decade and it is poised to become one of the fastest growing economies in the world. After joining the World Trade Organization in 2007, Vietnam's economy has promoted international partnerships, significantly increasing export turnover and healthy annual GDP growth.

Among them, Tu Mai Logistics is one of the key factors in this new Vietnamese economy. The combination of local knowledge, decades of expertise and global experience helps Tu Mai Logistics become one of the leading transportation and logistics management companies in Vietnam.

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