Mission & Values

Mission & Values

At Tu Mai Logistics, our mission is to become a reliable and sustainable partner for businesses and customers in the logistics field with 4 criteria:

  • Providing reliable and quality delivery & logistics solutions
  • Enhance operational efficiency, minimize costs and maximize profits for customers
  • Develop sustainable relationships with customers
  • Build a professional working environment, respect and sustainable development for staff

We believe that, with dedication and devotion, Tu Mai Logistics will work together towards success and overcome all challenges.

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  • Customers: Strong relationships with our customers and partners remain the most important part of our continued success. It is Tu Mai Logistics' commitment to ensure satisfaction for our customers. Tu Mai Logistics will achieve this through long-term, trustworthy relationships and striving to exceed customer expectations.
  • Quality - Prestige - Respect: Tu Mai Logistics will always strive to provide the highest quality service to ensure that our position is always at the forefront of employee and customer satisfaction. We consider trust to be the common foundation for successful and lasting relationships. Trust promotes honesty, integrity and persistence. Therefore, we see it as a successful part of our activities and relationships. We recognize that respect for others begins with respect for ourselves. We are committed to being a company that respects our employees, customers and communities.
  • Creativity & progress: We always embrace changes and transformations with a creative spirit. We constantly research and apply the latest technologies and processes to optimize logistics operations and bring added value to customers. We consider progress as our top goal, always oriented to the future and together with customers to welcome new opportunities.
  • Professionalism: We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism. Tu Mai Logistics is determined to deliver an outstanding experience to our employees and customers.
  • Integrity and honesty: Through personal responsibility for our actions and commitments, and the fair and ethical treatment of all, we value integrity and honesty is the foundation of success.
  • Cooperation and Sustainable Development: We consider cooperation and mutual development as the key to success. We build strong partnerships with customers, partners and communities. We respect each individual and aim for sustainable development for both the company and society. We are committed to promoting positive social values ​​and creating benefits for the community.
  • Quality and Efficiency: Quality and efficiency are the criteria to evaluate all of our activities. We constantly strive to improve processes, increase efficiency and ensure the best quality of service for customers. We are committed to maintaining high levels of quality and providing absolute satisfaction to each project and partner.

With this mission and value, Tu Mai Logistics is committed to continuing to accompany businesses and customers, overcome all challenges and share the joy of success together. We build a solid foundation for sustainable development and contribute to building a majestic & promising future for the entire community. Sincerely thank the companionship and trust of our customers and partners, we are pleased to welcome new opportunities and cope with challenges from the future.

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