Freight Transportation

Freight Transportation

Gain trust from customers in today's global market. That's why Tu Mai Logistics creates tailored solutions that deliver reliable freight forwarding results around the world.

Tu Mai Logistics is a leading provider of air, sea and domestic freight forwarding services. We realize that the fastest shipping method is not always the most efficient. That's why our knowledgeable industry experts work directly with customers to ensure each shipment's specific requirements are incorporated to create a tailored solution that results in the delivery of goods. efficient, safe and cost-effective.

Our global network of agency relationships enhances the quality of our services and allows customers to clearly understand that the quality of experience with Tu Mai Logistics is the same quality that we demand in our its partnerships around the world.

Sea transport is an indispensable part of global trade. Our comprehensive ocean freight solutions are backed by the experience of our team of local ocean freight experts staffed within our network of offices near major seaports throughout Vietnam.

As an added benefit to Tu Mai Logistics customers, our reliable port-to-door and door-to-port container shipping services ensure your freight is a top priority and remains are under our quality control.

Benefits from shipping goods by sea:

- The ability to transfer high quality at low prices, helping to save shipping costs and optimize profits for businesses.
- Providing flexible and extensive routes, allowing connections to seaports globally and to areas difficult to reach by road or air.
- Sea transport is often less affected by weather changes and traffic jams, creating stability and reliability in goods circulation.

However, some difficulties may occur when using sea transportation. In cases where goods need to be delivered quickly, sea transport is not the optimal option because the speed is slower than air transport. In addition, managing and tracking goods at sea also requires precision and large investments in infrastructure and technology.

Vận chuyển bằng đường biển

Goods transported by sea

Sea freight services at Tu Mai Logistics include:

- LCL and FCL
- Bulk
- Project goods
- Door-to-port
- Transport from port to border gate
- Customs procedures
- Warehousing and distribution
- Document management and cargo insurance

When time is critical for your goods, our air freight services are the best choice yours as we offer daily departures worldwide. So no matter what you're shipping Perishable goods, dangerous goods or any goods that need to be delivered quickly and on time, we have the solution for you.

Our network stretches across the world, which makes Tu Mai Logistics the best choice for your freight needs. If you want door to airport or airport to door shipping, we will arrange it.

Benefits from transporting goods by air:

- With fast speed, goods can be delivered to their destination in just a few hours or a few days, helping businesses cut circulation time and optimize the supply chain.
- Besides, air transport is suitable for high-value, perishable goods that require immediate delivery.

However, some difficulties may occur when using air transportation. Air freight costs are often significantly higher than sea freight, increasing the total transportation costs of goods. In addition, the ability to transfer bulk is limited, so it is not suitable for large or heavy goods.

But don't worry, at Tu Mai Logistics, our network stretches all over the world, which makes us the best choice for your freight needs. If you want door to airport or airport to door shipping, we will arrange it.

Vận chuyển hàng hóa bằng đường hàng không

Transporting goods by air​

Air freight services at Tu Mai Logistics include:

- Transportation from border gate to airport and from airport to border gate
- Customs procedures
- Document management and cargo insurance
- Warehousing and distribution

Operating as a standalone service and integrated alongside our air or ocean freight and supply chain solutions, Tu Mai Logistics provides door-to-door, port-to-port inland transportation services. door to door and door to port nationwide. Whether inland transport by road, rail or river, we provide solutions that enhance and simplify your overland needs.

Vận chuyển hàng hóa nội địa

Transporting domestic goods

Domestic transportation services at Tu Mai Logistics include:

- Door-to-door, Door-to-port and Port-to-Door
- Road, rail and river traffic solutions
- National Domestic Distribution
- Customs procedures
- Document management and cargo insurance

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